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Meet Michelle...

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Michelle R Eddy MSW, LCSW



Spiritual & Life Coach

Shamanic Earth Medicine Practitioner

Reiki Master / Healer

I believe we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves & encourage others to find their own unique inner gifts. I have always had a natural awareness, even in childhood, of the Mind – Body – Spirit connection. It was this “knowing” that lead me on the path to practicing Intuitive & Energy work. I am an “Empath” which means I feel my clients’ feelings – so emotional healing has always been natural for me. 

I underwent a year long intensive training program toward practicing energy medicine and shamanism. Much of my shamanic training originates from the indigenous healers of Peru as well as techniques from other Shamans across the globe. I was blessed with the privilege to travel to Peru and practice side by side with many gifted indigenous Shamans. These ancient teachings deepen our connection to all levels and plains of existence, which is held together by the loving Creator of all that IS.  Each one of us is gifted with the power of love that is truly unconditional. 

I have been practicing Clinical Psychotherapy for over 25 years. In that time, I have experienced working with people of all ages in a wide array of settings from crisis centers and in-patient psychiatric centers, to group workshops and out-patient counseling clinics. All of which was incredibly rewarding work - yet I often felt my path continually winding and moving; directing me toward a different kind of healing. A deeper, spiritual and transformational type of healing toward TRUE wholeness. 

I am currently the Owner, Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer for Harbor Health and Wellness LLC, as well as, the Family Services & Mental Health Manager for the Green Bay Area Public Schools Head Start Program.

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