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Holistic Health & Energy Work Services

​Other Holistic & Energy Work Services Provided

  • doTERRA Essential Oils for sale and/or order to support & enhance healthy living

  • THE genuine Tahitian Noni Fruit health products for sale and/or order


Lifeforce energy flows within the physical body through energy centers--called Chakras.

During Reiki Healing, the practitioner positions their hands on or above the person to balance and unblock these energy centers. This stimulates the body's natural healing processes, which promotes physical, spiritual, mental, & emotional healing.






Everything has Spirit.  ​A shaman is a spiritual guide, a human who travels between realms and communes with healing spirits. We humans are spiritual beings, and we cannot always heal ourselves. When our physical and spiritual beings are out of sync, a shaman can help facilitate a bridge between the two planes to bring peace.






We are all spiritual beings. However, too often we allow negative energy to run our lives through hurtful self-talk or false beliefs.  Intuitive work can provide guidance and clarity to help us identify the difference between false beliefs & our true inner self. It's an opportunity to teach, heal, & help us trust in our own intuition, gaining a happier, more fulfilling life.

Angelic guidance offers clarity of thought, insight, & knowledge to help with both everyday problems and major challenges in life.  The reader draws the cards, reads the meanings, & tunes into any thoughts, impressions, feelings, & visions received during the session.

Ear candling is a safe, simple, natural way to remove excess wax and debris from inside the ears. Long tapered candles are inserted gently into the ears, and then lit. The candle creates a slight vacuum effect, oxidizing and drawing softened wax and debris from the ears. This is a very gentle and non-invasive process.

Who would benefit from Ear Candling? Most everyone, but especially those who (1) work outdoors; (2) are in dusty environments; (3) participate in water activities; (4) have chronic ear aches; (5) have allergies; (6) feel blockage in the ears; (7) wear hearing aids; (8) have sinus infections; and (9) have excess wax build up.

Reiki Healing
Shamanic Earth Medicine
Reiki Healing
Shamanic Earth Medicine
Ear Candling
Intuitive Readings
Spiritual/Intuitive Readings
Angel Card Readings
Ear Candling
  • Chakra cleansing

  • Crystal energy work to enhance healing & well being

  • Heath & healing through the use of Breath work

  • Shamanic Healing sessions

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Ancestral & Past Life Healing

  • Power Animal

  • Extraction & Cleansing

  • Energy Field Illumination

Shamanic Healing
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